The City of Broken Bow has several Boards and Commissions that work in conjunction with the City of Broken Bow. The City is very fortunate to have willing individuals to donate a part of their busy lives to serve on the City’s Boards and Commissions to provide valuable information for the City Council to make important decisions. If you are interested in serving the community by becoming a member on any of these boards, please contact the City Clerk at (308) 872-5831.

Board of Public Works:

  • Dan Jacobson – Chairman
  • Gene Chapin 
  • Butch Brunken
  • Chad Schall
  • Russ Smith

Board of Adjustment:

  • Jim Duncan – Chairman
  • Tom Eacker
  • Jason Baum
  • Doug Sadler
  • Kirk Crawley

Board of Health:

  • Rod Sonnichsen
  • Steve Scott
  • Jacob Holcomb
  • Jacob Karmazin, PA

Park Board:

  • Pat Powers – Chairman
  • Jeff Oeltjen
  • Ryan Vonderohe
  • Pam Schweitzer
  • Russ Smith

Library Board:

  • Betsy Smith
  • Kristine Moninger
  • Nancy Ferguson
  • John Walters
  • Mike Garner

CRA (Community Redevelopment Authority):

  • Butch Brunken – Chairman
  • Carl Christen
  • Brent Custer
  • Jeanne Berggren
  • Rick Maas

Planning Commission:

  • Cecil Burt III – Chairman
  • Jim Duncan
  • Duane Taylor
  • James Girardin Jr.
  • Nicolle Bailey
  • Dennis Jones

City Council:

  • Jacob Holcomb – President
  • Chris Myers
  • David Schmidt
  • Larry Miller


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