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Broken Bow Utilities Survey Being Sent Out; Residents Are REQUIRED To Fill Out And Return

BY Gavin Higgins | November 20, 2020

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Broken Bow Utilities Survey Being Sent Out; Residents Are REQUIRED To Fill Out And Return

According to City Administrator Dan Knoell, the City of Broken Bow Utilities Department will be sending out the Broken Bow Municipal Utilities Department Cross-Connection Control Reporting Form Residential Survey to all Broken Bow residents. In accordance with state law, residents are required to fill out the form and return it or water services will be shut off.

“Every resident of Broken Bow, will get a survey,” said Knoell. “If you don’t get [a survay] and you think that you should have [a survay], please contact the city and we will definitely get you [a survay] just to make sure that everyone is in compliance with the cross-connection.”

A plumbing cross-connection is defined as a connection between a public water supply and a source of contamination or pollution. In other words, a cross-connection makes it possible for contaminating material to enter into the drinking water supply when the pressure of the polluted source is greater than the pressure of the water supply. This can result in either a backsiphonage or backflow (a reversal in the normal direction of the water flow).

“It’s not only for your safety and your welfare but about my welfare and my family and everybody else that lives in Broken Bow to make sure that there is no possibility of a cross-connection and chemicals could be leaking into drinkable water,” Knoell said.

If anyone has any questions regarding the survey or about city services contact the City of Broken Bow at (308) 872-5831.


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